Founded by David Serero and Elena Fernandez, ITERAE is a mobile network agent focusing on research and design in a wide array of fields ranging from architecture to landscape and from urbanism to product design. With a wide interest in generative design, digital manufacturing, fluid dynamics, crystallography, acoustics, genetics and topographical manipulation, their work by weaving new connections between these fields and architectural practice has unceasesly explored new paths for architecture and design.


In 2004,
they won the first prize in the International Competition for the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park in Athens, Greece. The project, on the 530 hectares site of the former International Airport of Athens uses computational simulation of water drainage systems and patterns at territorial and local scale to generate a sets of “Softscapes”. In 2003, they receive the commission of the the “Art Arena”, an Art film museum in London to host 45 projection spaces for the Roland Collection. In 2005, Serero received the Villa Médicis award for a research fellowship at the French Academy in Rome, where he developed the concept of “Variable Configuration Acoustical Domes”, a research on Acoustical Domes, which can dynamically adjust their shapes to modify acoustical behavior and performance of a given space.
work has been widely published and exhibited in shows  at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), at the Architectural League of New York, the Venice Biennale, and the Mori Museum in Tokyo.